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Let us be your Resource in Property Management

At HomeRiver Group® Orlando relationships are important to us. We understand the value of communication and protecting the friendships that you have created with your clients over the years. That is why we developed our agent referral program to let you as a real estate agent focus on sales and rest assured that your clients have the care and support they need with a property manager.

At HomeRiver Group® Orlando we specialize exclusively in property management and we have designed our Agent Referral program to give the same level of care and attention that you would give to your clients. We focus on having a full service property management solution that takes care of the property start to finish. This means that when you start working with your client again, the home will be as good or better than when you left it.

Our pledge is to maintain the property and provide the best possible support to your client and smoothly transition them back to you once they are ready to sell. As property management specialists we only focus on property management and will never take your client away from you.

We are your resource in property management. Contact us today to find out how we can mutually work together and combine our complimentary services.

How does our Realtor® Referral Rewards Program work?

  • Receive $750 for referring a management account.
  • Lead Protection. All referrals are protected, when your owners are ready to sell, we give them back to you to list and sell the properties!

Our experience shows that agents who work with our Realtor® Referral Rewards Program benefit not just financially but professionally. Your client's perception of you is enhanced when you offer professional service through us that you can't readily provide yourself. Your client will feel secure knowing that you, as their agent, will deal with them in the future if they wish to sell.

  • When do you pay referral fees?

    Payments are submitted within 30 days after the tenant moves in.

  • What do I need to do to receive a referral fee?

    You will need to complete the Referral Form on the right to get started, then you'll need to complete the Referral Agreement along with a W9 before payment can be made. We will send out the Referral Agreement for electronic signature when your client signs up. This is required before payment can be made. All prospective clients must be registered in our system prior to being shown the property for claim to a referral fee. No referral fees will be paid for prospects that were not registered with us prior to the client contacting our office. Only Real Estate Agents are able to receive referral fees.

When's a good time to refer your client?

  • Rental Property Analysis. When your client needs an evaluation conducted for the performance of their rental property. This could be a homeowner contemplating renting vs. selling their home or a current rental property owner needing a rental performance analysis conducted. HomeRiver Group can even provide an analysis of their current property performance under another property management company to ensure they are receiving the best service, highest returns and competitive rates.
  • Rental Solutions For Properties Under Market Value. After doing a CMA and going on the listing appointment, it is determined that the seller is underwater on the property and needs to wait for the value to come up. Don’t give them the bad news without a solution. Refer them to us to rent it for a year or two while the value increases and when they’re ready to sell, we’ll send them back to you. Meanwhile, you’ve given them an option that allows them to pursue their plans, move out of the home, and have their mortgage covered with rent.
  • Properties Unable to Sell, But Your Owner Still Needs To Move. You have a listing that is expiring and the seller doesn’t want to renew. Give them a solution that allows them to move as planned by referring them to us to rent and manage the home. When they’re ready to try selling it again, we send them back to you.
  • Rental Property Investors. You’re working with a buyer who is purchasing one or more houses strictly as an investment property which they intend to rent. Many investors want the rewards of rental income without the hassles of managing tenant relationships. Recommend a reputable property management company that can alleviate them of the burden. If they ever decide to purchase additional properties or sell the ones they have, we refer them back to you.

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